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Welcome to the My Money Moves (M$M) Free Financial Resources Page! Here you will find links to handy financial tools and websites, and helpful Excel templates that you can download and use for free.

Free Excel downloads I love to use:

Tracking your family’s net worth can be important, and no matter what, is a great way to gain insight into your patterns and overall financial well-being. The free resources Excel sheet download below is based on one I created and have used myself for years. I update it regularly (usually a few times a year), and it helps me to assess how I’m doing:

Looking for an Excel file which can track your income and spending? Or want to build a budget and figure out how big your emergency fund should be? Look no further! This all-in-one Excel sheet is for you. I update my copy of this file monthly, and it helps me to assess how I’m doing versus my goals:

Free personal finance websites I use:

Everyone hates the tax man, but it’s good to have an idea of what you may owe (or get back). Ernst & Young provides a great tool to do just that, regardless of where you live in Canada. You can also check out their RRSP saving rate calculator while you’re there.

Neuvco provides a similar feature tax calculator too. Better yet, it shows you EI and CPP deductions as well.

Where to open a new bank account? There are many options, but Ratehub’s “Compare the Best Savings Accounts” feature may help you narrow it down and find the right account to fit your needs. What about high interest accounts? This “Comparison Chart” by High Interest Savings has you covered.

Ratehub’s “Best Mortgage Rate” tool is useful too, especially if you’ve just found your dream home, or may be in the market soon. Plan, plan, plan, and make sure you know the options!

Looking for a new bank or thinking about getting into the stock market? Each year, Surviscor ranks Canada’s banks and discount brokerages. You can view these rankings free on their website.

Are you a parent or expecting a newborn? If so you may be interested in the Child and Family Benefit Calculator.

New to investing? Investopedia is a great resource for new investors trying to learn the lingo. It provides clear financial definitions, examples, and more.

Free credit check websites:

Ever wonder “What’s my credit score anyway?” If so, check out Borrowell, a free online service that can give you insight into your credit score, and how to improve it. This type of credit check is considered a “soft” check, and shouldn’t impact on your credit report.

What’s better than one free credit score resource? Two! Credit Karma is similar to Borrowell, providing free credit score reviews and recommendations. Heads up – Borrowell and Credit Karma may give you different credit scores, and neither will be exactly the same as the score returned by a business running a “hard” credit check (which will appear on your credit report).

Free life expectancy calculators:

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “How long will I live?” If so, you’re not alone. It’s a big question, but the good news is that there are many life expectancy calculators out there that you can use for free. My fav is this one, from Project Big Life.  

If you’re like me and want to play with the numbers, these are great because you can also calculate the value of modifying your diet or exercise routine by adjusting these variables and recalculating your life expectancy. From there, you can do a “return on time” calculation and determine how much longer you’ll live versus your baseline for every additional hour worked out, or for every dietary change incorporated into your daily routine.

Historic Inflation Calculators:

If you went back in time, what could a dollar buy you? It’s a fun question to ask but also holds important lessons for you and your money today. Here are some historic inflation calculators for Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

How much is my house worth?

Want more free financial resources? If you live in British Columbia you can find out using BC Assessment. This website provides the actual property value assessments for tax purposes on all properties in the province. It is free, ease to use, and historic sales prices (going back a few years at least) are listed too.

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What am I missing? Are there other great free financial resources that should be included on this page? Reach out and let me know! If you’ve found these free financial resources helpful please subscribe too.

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