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Money News – October 2021

Personal Finance in the News – October 2021: Welcome to Money News – October 2021, and Happy Halloween! This month we look at the end of the Canada Recovery Benefit, the state of Canada’s housing market, and shifting mortgage market dynamics. This update also covers North America’s ongoing labour shortage, and if it pays to be in a relationship. Read…

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Money Blogs

Free Macro Economic Resources

Free Macro Economic Resources Welcome to My Money Moves third video. Here I discuss free macro economic resources and what websites I use personally. The content was produced for my employer but it is likely applicable to many readers here too. Enjoy! For more on investing basics check out Investing for Beginners and Make the Most of Your Investments, or…

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Housing Market Solutions

Sky high real estate prices, bidding wars, and bully offers have many Canadians asking about housing market solutions in this country. Recently, Rob Carrick and Erin Anderssen from the Globe & Mail sent out a Tweet asking Canadians to weigh in on potential solutions. I decided to add my two cents. Below is a copy of what I wrote. Central…

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